• Resolve to Live Well

    Live Life Naturally. Earth-friendly products for you and your home to support a holistic lifestyle.

  • Resolve to Be Well

    Balance Life Naturally. Create a centered life by learning lifestyle skills and stress management tools to balance your body, mind, and soul.


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Wellness goes beyond the physical body. Learn the art of self-care and create a lifestyle that supports optimal health.

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Sankalpa Wellness provides earth-friendly hand-crafted products for you and your home to promote self-care, a holistic lifestyle, and support our local economy.

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Integrative Wellness Skills

Integrative Wellness is a term used to describe a spectrum of ways to manage your lifestyle and achieve optimal wellness. Personal sessions, public speaking engagements, and workshops are available across the nation.

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Worldwide Wellness Support

Sankalpa Wellness offers e-courses, digital downloads, and personalized Skype or Facetime sessions. Teacher trainings are offered in the USA, Canada, & Taiwan.

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