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The profits from my Red String Theory support programs in hospitals and cancer treatment centers that provide ongoing holistic services to patients and caregivers. Your purchase supports services and mind-body education such as: meditation, yoga, stress-management, holistic self-care, PTSD and trauma care, and life-coaching.

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What is it?

The red string bracelet is used in ancient ceremonial and religious rituals in a variety of ways.  Traditionally worn on the left wrist, it is worn as a reminder that the body and soul are tied together. Also, worn to protect oneself against negative energy, and false or envious relationships.  Red symbolizes purity of blood, life force, and compassion.  Enhanced with stones, this handcrafted bracelet is designed to remove unwanted energy, thus making room for your positive intentions.  The bracelet is worn until it unravels or falls off on its own.   At which point, you may have resolved your energetic imbalance or resolved your intention.  Have someone you love and trust tie the bracelet on you, and make 7 knots in the string.